Keep Calm and Take this Model

It can be hard to justify taking a model whose sole role is that of a support piece. Especially when, by and large, you want those points for things that bring a more direct impact to the game. But sometimes a subtler hand is needed, one that manipulates the field just by their very presence. … Continue reading Keep Calm and Take this Model

Ways to Lose Less: Larry Mottola’s Top 5

Editor’s Note: Fresh from the podium of the 2018 Capital City Meltdown, Larry kicks off a new series at Third Floor Wars: Ways to Lose Less.  I had a bet with Larry based on the number of games I’d lose at CCM.  If I won the bet, Larry would write an article for us.  If he … Continue reading Ways to Lose Less: Larry Mottola’s Top 5

Stop Forgetting This Model!

"Mighty Model Spotlight, Part 1" by James Dator and Ray Flynn The 7ss slot in Rezzers has gotten competitive: Goryo, Lampad, Shikome, Student of Viscera, Sebastian... Lots of good choices for a variety of situations. But only one gets you another model upon death, increases threat ranges, increases damage dealing, and can just warp around … Continue reading Stop Forgetting This Model!