What is going on fellow Wyrdos? Week 1 and 3’s update from Waldo gave us some amazing information on the upcoming 3rd Edition release of Malifaux. With changes in everything from card draw to movement, there’s a lot to digest on what looks to be a much-needed streamlining. Wyrd’s articles can be found here (general) … Continue reading FIRST IMPRESSIONS: M3E RULES


Our first look at a new master has hit; say hello to Youko Hamasaki of the Qi and Gong! Youko was described as a master who could manipulate the enemy’s hand, generate pass tokens and gain soulstones. Her crew was teased as having heavy access to lures, and a new leverage mechanic that worked off … Continue reading FIRST IMPRESSIONS: YOUKO HAMASAKI

USFT Podium Talk Ep 2 – Abraham Kanz (Central Conference)

We spend 20 minutes with the most recent winner out of the Central Conference. He took three different Guild masters to first place. He shares his lists, reviews his crew choices and key moments in each round. Learn from one of the players dominating the Central Conference! A must-watch for any Guild player!