Time to Talk About Kaeris in Malifaux 3rd Edition

Join Craig as his guest, James Doxey, reveals his secrets on the Arcanist master Kaeris. How does he run her and the Wildfire crew? What pools are the best for them? How do you counter them? Listen here: https://anchor.fm/thirdfloorwars/episodes/Kaeris-Arcanists-Deep-Dive-with-James-Doxey---Episode-23-e44f8s

Which Factions and Masters Fit Your Style?

Join Craig and Ray as they do a top-down analysis of play styles and which factions and masters match your play style. Do you like control, killing, mobility, complexity or even fun in your crews? We will help you out. Check it out on all of the major podcast platforms or via this link: LISTEN … Continue reading Which Factions and Masters Fit Your Style?

Painting Muscled Flesh

This tutorial teaches a cartoon/fantasy style flesh technique. Craig uses just four paints to create a high-contrast flesh tone. The video features the Bane sculpts from Monolith Games' Batman Gotham City Chronicles board game. He uses flesh paints from AK Interactive along with Vallejo's Glaze medium. Support your favorite channel and get a great gadget … Continue reading Painting Muscled Flesh