Battle Report – GG18 Beta – Guild vs Arcanist

InvokeChaos here with a quick battle report on my first GG2018 game since the beta began. Work has kept me stymied, but no longer. I will be giving a detailed breakdown on my thoughts and perceptions after each block of information, but hidden so you don’t have to read it unless you want to. Let’s jump in.

Guild for me, Arcanists for my opponent. First time either of us are playing these masters and it was effectively my first time playing as Guild.

Strat – Public Execution
Schemes – Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage, Dig Their Graves, Take One for the Team, Guarded Treasure

Guild – Guarded Treasure/Take One for the Team(Thalarian Queller)
Arcanists – Undercover Entourage(Ironsides)/Take One for the Team(Johan)

Perdita – 4ss cache
-Fastest Draw in Malifaux (Wave 5)
-Trick Shooting

Enslaved Nephilim
Francisco Ortega
-Wade In
Papa Loco
Abuela Ortega
-Debt to the Guild
Thalarian Queller (Wave 5)
Monster Hunter (Wave 5)
Guild Investigator (Wave 5)

Ironsides – 5ss cache
-Union President (Wave 5)
-Veteran Fighter (Wave 5)
-Warding Runes

-Well Rehearsed
Oxfordian Mage
-Temporal Shielding
-Blood Ward

Arcane Effigy
Shastar Vidiya Guard
Union Steamfitter (Wave 5)
Electric Creation

Standard Deployment – Guild deploys first

I deployed in two bubbles. On the right I put Investigator, Abuela and Queller. Everyone else on the right. My opponent deployed everything directly across from Dita and fellows.

Post Deployment Thoughts

I was a little surprised that he deployed completely to one side, but that made sense when I thought about the bubble aspect of Ironsides. Truthfully, I was ok with it because it allowed me to do operate unhindered with Abuela and crew on the flank. This would guarantee I’d have half of my guarded treasure. It did put my Team target way out of the action, so I resigned myself to not scoring any points there. Immunity to conditions on Ironsides was a tad troubling, so I decided I would heavily commit to killing the Oxfordian Mage first.

Turn 1

Put the classic Guild combo of Papa’s Hold This and Franc’s El Mayor on Dita. I also turned my Queller into a Family member with Abuela’s Shotgun Wedding so she could obey said Queller. Stalk from Monster Hunter went on Joss. Dita got pushed by her Enslaved Nephalim and I walked her to get in range of Oxfordian and popped Dita’s 0 action: Bullet Bending. He was just out of range of Well-Rehearsed safety and a couple of strong flips later, down went Oxfordian. Dita gets the Shed Blood condition.

My opponent mostly moved up behind cover, with some damage pings going out for to trigger Hand Picked Men. Union Steamfitter did some work picking up a 13 from Tools for the Job and strapping on some Armor and Reinforced Sheet Armor onto Ironsides with Weld Metal Plate. Then he decided to just dive Ironsides all the way in and put up Challenge, which definitely put me on my back foot.

Turn 1 Thoughts

We made a massive play mistake here in both of us forgot about Challenge. I had a dead hand of moderate cards first turn, but still, flips are flips. I felt pretty good going into turn 2. I had a game plan for dropping a suppression marker or two by Ironsides to take away her auto counter and heals. I was in position to get my Guarded Treasure marker down and had ways to get Dita away from Ironsides if needed. Humorous note: My opponent convinced me to take a random pot shot at Johan, which resulted in me flipping a 1 and a 12 (which I told him would happen) on the negative. He flipped the 13 that the Steamfitter picked up above.

Turn 2

Dropped a couple of suppression markers via Area Suppression from my Queller (with help from Abuela’s Listen Up, Young’un). I tried to clog up Ironsides with Papa Loco. Got a Guarded Treasure marker down with Abuela. Ironsides placed with Rush ‘Em and tried to go to work on Franc and Dita, but a red joker on the defense stopped her 2AP Uppercut. I dad to scramble to get Dita out of engagement because I forgot about said place.

Once again messed up Challenge as Dita used Obey on the Nephalim to Shackle her. Thought it was only enemy targets. It’s all other targets besides Ironsides. Dita dropped a scheme marker for Guarded. Monster Hunter whiffed twice on Electric Creation. I was trying to Stalk it and kill it to get the Relish the Kill. Unfortunately Johan has a 3″ reach and I completely forgot that. Monster Hunter goes down in retaliation. Johan gets Shed Blood. Joss started making his way over towards the flank after two suppression markers went down. Shastar Vidiya Guard moved up into a threatening position.

Guild – 1, Arcanists – 0

Turn 2 Thoughts

Ironsides getting in my face was rough, but not unmanageable so far. I was confident I could score 3 on Guarded Treasure. Joss was probably his target for Team, so I just needed to keep him tied up, which was easy to do with Abuela and the Queller. I might get lucky and he score me some points on my Queller with Joss, but that would put him up in strat as well. I’d rather keep it low scoring and not worry about it right now.

Turn 3

Dita kills the Guard and drops a scheme marker. Ironsides punches my Nephalim into oblivion. Abuela, Investigator and Queller juke and jive with Investigator’s Stand Back! It’s Evidence!, letting me drop a scheme marker for that side and securing Guarded Treasure. Joss is unable to put major hurt on Queller. Put some damage on Joss in response. Johan charges into Dita and does a couple of points. Franc places by Electric Creation before it pops to engage Johan, and puts some damage on her.

Guild – 2, Arcanists – 0

Turn 3 Thoughts

Still going strong, just need to stick to my game plan. Though I need to kill a model so I can start scoring strat. I’m concerned on his schemes now. I don’t know what the other one is, but it’s not dig or guarded treasure. He’s moving his arcane up the flank away from danger, so It’s probably going to be Covert Breakthrough. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t been able to punch Ironsides out of combat yet.

Turn 4

I put markers down for Guarded Treasure. This is where I realize I made a huge miscalculation. I had been assuming that Joss was his Team target. I realized after he correctly figures out my Queller is mine that I’ve had the wrong target all along. It’s Johan, currently engaged and ready to smoke either Papa or Franc and get strat. I incorrectly choose to kill him awarding 3 pts. Toni triple walks behind a house. Second mistake, he has Undercover Entourage. I have to use Investigator to help get Dita down towards where Toni ended up after a triple walk. I successfully get 3 damage on Toni. The rest of his models scatter to get away from mine. I score Public Execution.

Guild – 4, Arcanists – 3

Turn 4 Thoughts

They say pride doth cometh before a fall. When my opponent figured out Queller was my target, I had no real concerns about that. Didn’t bother me at all. I had planned on not getting the 3 anyways. But that was before I realized I totally guessed wrong on his schemes. Ironsides was chilling at full wounds right by in deployment zone and only Dita in range. When I realized I’d guessed the wrong schemes, it led to several major play mistakes. The first being that I went ahead and killed Johan. Which I shouldn’t have done. We had one turn left. If he didn’t kill anything of mine, worst case we would have tied. But because I gave him 3 points, with 3 imminent from Undercover, I’d handed him the game. Also… Perdita has an obey. I had a 13 of masks and the Red Joker in my hand. All I needed to do was Obey Joss to kill Queller and I win. I also then could have just killed Joss with Dita and Abuela to score another point. Instead, I go through all this crazy nonsense to move Dita into position to threaten Ironsides. The most egregious mistake was though was ignoring the signs. Hindsight is 20/20, but with how deep he was sending Ironsides, I should have guessed for Entourage, but I was focused on other things and made the wrong call. It’s a very obvious mistake to me now. Still I looked at the board and could pull it to a draw if I killed one more model for the strategy and got Ironsides down to half wounds.

Turn 5

I lost initiative (ouchies) and Toni triple walks away behind cover from Dita. Abuela fails to kill Joss and he moves away. Dita takes Toni down to under half after some movement tricks and a charge. We forget to flip for a turn 6.

FINAL – Guild – 4, Arcanists – 5

End of Game

Well that is called falling apart under pressure. Between killing Johan, not obeying Joss and leaving Joss alive when I had cards in hand to easily kill him (4 severes + red joker)… I also totally forgot Debt to the Guild was on Abuela. I just played two horrible turns while my opponent kept his cool.

The new wave 5 upgrades for Ironsides are super good. The only time I had any real presence to hurt her was when I had suppression markers down or on turn 5 post her activation. Perdita is much better in melee, and I learned that the hard way. The wave 5 models for guild are insanely efficient.

Making Queller a family so she could be obeyed is just ridiculous. Especially considering her support abilities. She combos well with Abuela as she has no 0 action, so you can always push Abuela. Abuela obeying her as a 0 helps shore up her speed problems too. Though the range on that suppression is just bonkers.

Union Steamfitter is insane. Passing out armor, a free red joker ignore and being able to just take the top card of your deck (which of course you’ll try to time out to being a severe) is just incredible synergy and value for basically every Arcanist master. My opponent and I agreed… wave 5 has at least one auto-take model for each faction. Steamfitter is that for Arcanists.

For Guild though, I would say Investigator is the auto-take. That 3″ push on marker drop, un-resisted is extremely strong. Especially if you do it multiple times a turn and take advantage of activation order to get the card draw. Add in the ability to nuke enemy scheme markers and charges and it’s just an incredibly efficient model. I can’t ever see not taking one.

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