Table Report – Crazy Cat Lady

Hey there fellow Wyrdos!

Tried out Catelin (Hamelin) last night and I have to stay it’s a bit more fun than I originally anticipated.  Now granted that could be because cats are far more fun than rats (personal opinion). I also am using the Victorian Bases from Wyrd to have my cats crawling around a ruin, which seems very fitting for me. Ran against my buddy Marcus and his guild Lucius. Did two games, to test out the lists.

Declared Faction: Outcasts
Crew Name: Ruinous Kitties 50ss
Leader: Catelin Abernathy – Cache:(4)
-Sewer King 1ss
-The Piper 2ss
-Plague Pits 1ss
Ailuromaniac 2ss
Carver 12ss
-Oath Keeper 1ss
The Midnight Stalker 8ss
Sue 8ss
-Return Fire 1ss
Iggy 5ss
The Dutiful Son 4ss
Alley Cat 2ss

Right off the bat a few things I noticed.

  1. I want 2 cats starting, not 1 because I don’t necessarily want to have to pop the maniac unless I have to.  And if I have to, I need to make sure I get value out of it in the form or the cat princess.
  2. Carver is a ton of fun, but if I’m going to bring him I need to remember that a) he isn’t slow on unbury and b) pop oathkeeper the turn you dive him in.  He’s a bit too squishy, but I also feel I didn’t get near the work done with him I could have. He did his job game 1, but on game 2 I charged in and killed his jury in one swing. Then promptly forgot I had another AP, and didn’t ditch oathkeeper. That could have been a slaughterfest if I had. Still, I think that for the points, A&D is better. Or even a Deso Engine.
  3. I want a higher cache than 4.  Maybe even a full 7.
  4. Return Fire is not a good pick in this crew, because I’m already looking for crows for Dutiful Son, and I don’t like the competition with Return Fire. Despite how good it is.

We played Ours with Guarded Treasure, Take Prisoner, Recover Evidence, Hold Up Their Forces and Covert Breakthrough.  It was Corner Deployment.

First game went much quicker than I thought. I’d seen Hamelin before and how long his turns tend to take, but I really thought that as long as you had a game plan, it’s pretty fast. But I learned a couple of things for the second game. Most notably that making a Cat Princess is mandatory. Tangled is not a may. New one for me. It makes order of activations a bit more important, and where you toss rats so you don’t get 5 in a group and lose them all.

I picked Guarded and Prisoner because of Midnight Stalker.  I knew I had enough enforcers and that with Corner, I could hide them away from my opponent’s pseudo-gunline. He had graves and dopple on the other side, but he was looking to do hold up their forces, which I denied by tying them up and then murdering them with Carver. Once that flank crumpled and he realized he wasn’t going to be able to deal with Carver, we called it as I was up 4-0 and he just didn’t have the ability to contest at that point.

Second game was much dicier for me as I dove Carver in deep, to tie up his snipers. Unfortunately I did the two mistakes mentioned above and basically got just one attack with Carver (though it did red joker into a dead Jury) before Lucius locked him down with Red Tape and he got taken out by turn 2. Took the same two schemes with a different Take Prisoner target and sat back. He scored Ours a few times, but took a couple of bad schemes (Hold and Recover) so we ended up at 10-3. Midnight Stalker is ridiculous for scheming if left unmolested. Though he’s a sheet of paper if you aren’t good in your placement. Catelin ensured he went after my opponent every turn, and I denied LoS to his sniper, so there really wasn’t anything he could do to stop him.  I think Stalker may be near an auto-take for me with Catelin.

The cat engine was cool, but not as auto-pilot as I thought. I also understand why you don’t always blow up Cat Princess with Rat Problems all the time.  If you aren’t trying to get that herder for reactivating, it’s a better model to leave up. I think what I’ll be looking for in the future is to turn 1 pop a Maniac into two cats after forming and popping the princess (into a herder and cat), just to queue up for the next turn.  I like being able to summon a second princess then give it reactivate for my early turn 2 shenanigans, and send it on it’s way, prepping to make another princess for turn 3.

Sue was good as always, but I may look to put in something different.  I need to free up 5ss for another rat and to max out my cache, so he may just get flat out dropped in favor of a couple of upgrades. I think A&D with scramble is my next test. Or Deso with oathkeeper. I’m a bit leery of using an upgrade on A&D as he seems so likely to get mulched, but I think I can be reserved enough with him to not make it a problem. We’ll see I guess!

Any other suggestions on beaters to take?  List adjustments in general? How do you guys like to play Hamelin?

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