NC Meta – Turf War Results

Thank you all for participating in the 2018 Turf War Tournament League!

Here are the final standings:

Prizes are as follows!

1st Place – $15 gift certificate to GA (as confirmed by Kirby), a guilder and Ironsides Foil card

2nd Place – $15 gift certificate to AE, 2 extra raffle tickets

3rd Place – Choice of $10 gift certificate to GA or AE, 1 extra raffle ticket

Spoon – The “coveted” Jim Ortiz(TM) Wooden Spoon and a $10 gift certificate to GA or AE (whichever 3rd Place and Spoon decide upon)


Everyone who played in the league gets one raffle ticket.

Additional tickets will be distributed based off the results from this form.

There will be a submission form posted shortly (along with photos on this post) for raffle ticket allocation.

All you have to do is submit where you are putting your tickets and I will do a facebook live drawing for every prize the night of July 9th or morning of July 10th.  Prizes will be distributed at AE and GA that week to the winners.

I will be employing Dawn’s rule of if you already won a raffle, I’m going to give it to someone else unless everyone has won something. Items not raffled away will be kept for the next events prize pool.

Here are the items:

Custom Southeastern Malifaux Players Group playing mat (GG18 lines I believe) from Mats by Mars

Dayglow Kirai “Mystery Box”

Alternate Lazarus

Alternate Frank “Mystery Box” (Ortega)

Miss Deed (Alternate Taelor)

Rowan Nillson (Alternate Rafkin)

Ferdinand Vogel

Marlena Webster

Wyrdscapes Sewer Bases 30mm (5 in the box)

Wyrdscapes Victorian Bases 30mm (5 in the box)

Thanks all for a great first turnout and look forward to the next league!

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