NC Meta – Turf War Tournament League

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Some crazy folks are moving in on your turf, and it’s time to eject them from the vicinity… forcefully if necessary!

Welcome to my first league as the new henchman of The Gamer’s Armory, in Cary, NC. I will be hosting this with my good friend and fellow henchman Dawn McCormack Plunge from the Durham meta at Atomic Empire!


You! And anyone who has been interested in seeing how a tournament works without the pressure of doing multiple games in one day.


This will be a five round league event run in the format of a tournament. We will use GG18, you will have one opponent a week. Future opponents will be determined by differential and CP. So if you lost first week, you’ll play someone else who also lost. Only one game counts, so feel free to practice the pool with other people or play practice games with your opponent! It’s all about having fun while maintaining the rules structure of a tournament.

If there aren’t enough people to do a five round (like only 8 participants) then we’ll do random pairings for first two weeks and then the last three will be based on differential and CP.


June 1st through July 8th! Official play days will be on Tuesday for AE and Thursday for GA.


The Gamer’s Armory in Cary, NC and Atomic Empire in Durham, NC. Games held at either location count. Just need to play your opponent and report it (there will be a form submission online for that).


… because Malifaux is awesome?

Seriously, we hold a lot of tournaments in the NC meta, and I know a few people have expressed hesitance to just throw down. So here’s your chance to get familiar with the rules and format, with no pressure and plenty of time to plan and play!


$10 and a 50ss crew! Bring as many or as little masters as you like, standard 50ss tournament GG18 rules.

Schemes and Strats

In line with the theme that this is all about a turf war, the strategies will be a collection of “invade your space” style. There will be five rounds.

Round 1

“Rumors abound of rivals moving into your sphere of control. But you cannot act on rumors. Only cold hard facts. Your spies have located a group in your territory. Find them and extract what information you can.”

Deployment: Standard
Strategy: Ply for Information
Schemes: Surround Them, Recover Evidence, Take Prisoner, Undercover Entourage, Public Demonstration

Round 2

“With the information you gained, you’ve learned of a supply wagon chain scheduled to move through your turf. Take some supplies, an empty wagon and intercept the caravan, obtain the goods, and transport them back here for… re-appropriation.”

Deployment: Flank
Strategy: Supply Wagons
Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Show of Force, Dig their Graves, Inescapable Trap, Covert Breakthrough

Round 3

“Our foes grow even more brazen with each passing day. An assault on our stash of contraband is unforgivable. Protect it by any means necessary while we gather our forces for an assault on these arrogant fools.”

Deployment: Close
Strategy: Guard the Stash
Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Search The Ruins, Vendetta, Set Up, Take One For The Team

Round 4

“This has been a long time coming. Take whatever forces you need and eliminate our rivals, claiming the territory as our own. Today we expand our influence and our footprint. Today we show why they picked the wrong crew to mess with.”

Deployment: Standard
Strategy: Turf War
Schemes: Surround Them, Covert Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, Vendetta

Round 5

“The war was over almost as soon as it began. They could not stand against us. Consolidate our power base and show any future ‘entrepreneurs’ just who is in control here.”

Deployment: Corner
Strategy: Symbols of Authority
Schemes: Punish the Weak, Show of Force, Undercover Entourage, Take Prisoner, Take One For the Team

Any questions feel free to post here or message me on our facebook page!

Oh and here’s a poster:

turf war flyer.png

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