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The Paint Desk 0

Paint Desk – Dead Doxies

You Get What you Pay For By Craig (@The_Hofzinser on Twitter) “Roller throws boxcars,” shouts the dealer who immediately begins collecting the chips and dice from the craps table. Earl […]

The Paint Desk 0

Paint Desk – Copycat Killer for Malifaux

One model closer towards finishing the Shadows of Red Chapel crew box.  Copycat killer is the totem for Seamus.  A challenging model (so tiny) but a sculpt that is loaded with character.  Below is a fluff piece and some pictures.  Do you ever run Seamus without Copycat? End of the Hunt by Craig Five months came down to tonight. Clarence […]

The Paint Desk 0

Painting for Charity

On Saturday September 23rd I am streaming a paint lesson for charity. Blue Ox Games in Greenville, NC USA will stream me painting and giving tips on their Twitch feed. […]

Analysis Paralysis - Malifaux 0

Gaining Grounds 2018 (Open Beta) – Numbered Schemes

For this installment, it’s a look at the new numbered schemes we have this year. But first I’m going to comment on the ones returning that we all know and love/hate. Afterwards, my meta put together some faction matchups for me and I’m going to do some in-depth discussion on what I would take and why using scheme pools generated […]

Analysis Paralysis - Malifaux 1

Gaining Grounds 2018 (Open Beta) – Suited Schemes

Alright fellow Wyrdos, here’s part 2 of my first impressions of Gaining Grounds 2018. First thing I want to talk about is the change in suited schemes. Claim Jump and Eliminate the Leadership return unchanged from GG17. Claim Jump is almost always a viable, yet potentially challenging, scheme. It’s easy to deny, but it also is a kind of “win […]

Analysis Paralysis - Malifaux 1

Gaining Grounds 2018 (Open Beta) – Strategies

Here it is at last! The open beta for GG2018, let us all rejoice for Wyrd has given us some delightful gifts. I’m going to run through my impressions of the entire packet over the course of a few posts, but this one will focus specific Strategies and the new Strategy condition. So! Let’s address said elephant in the room. […]