Pacific Northwest ‘Faux Tour

Tour Schedule:

2/10/2018 – Malifaux Tournament @ Terracrux Games, WA


(Updated after the first sanctioned tourney)

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Pacific Northwest ‘Faux Tour

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What is it?

The Pacific Northwest Faux Tour (PNWFT) is an annual series of sanctioned Malifaux tournaments held in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  The results of each event are recorded and impact the rankings of all qualified players.  Every December the PNW Championship tournament is held to determine that year’s PNW Champion.

For a tournament to be sanctioned for the tour it must meet the following conditions:

  1. 50ss singles tournament following the current year’s Gaining Grounds document
  2. Announced at least 30 days in advance
  3. Hosted in either Washington, Oregon or Idaho

Tournaments that are PNWFT sanctioned will be announced as such.

Who can participate?

Anyone can play in a PNWFT tournament but only players living more than a third of the tour year in Washington, Oregon or Idaho qualify for the rankings (and championship).

How it works!

The results of each sanctioned tournament are recorded and posted on  Qualifying players receive points for each PNWFT tournament they play at least two rounds in.  Points are awarded after each tournament as follows:

  • 10 points: Show up – every player who plays at least two rounds in the tournament
  • 20 points: Finishing 1st
  • 10 points: Finishing 2nd
  • 5 points: Finishing 3rd
  • 10 points: For each place you finished above

The results of all sanctioned tournaments and the current player rankings are available on


Tournament results

At the end of the year the players ranked 1 – 8 will be invited to participate in a bracket-style single-elimination tournament to determine that year’s PNW Champion. For the tour year, the results for each qualified tournament are tracked.  Qualifying players are ranked based on how their cumulative PNW points rank as a percentage of the total PNW points awarded for the year.

Please note:

  • Rankings are determined by the percentage of the total year’s points for each player.  Players that miss a qualified tournament will see their percentage drop
  • The bigger the tournament, the more points it is worth.  The tournament above was a 395 PNW point tourney (the sum of all the points).
  • If the above was the first tournament of the year, Kylo would be ranked 1st in that year’s standings with 25.3% of the total points.  Luke would be second with 20.2% of the total points.
  • If there is a second tournament of the same size and Kylo does not participate, his percentage would drop to 12.6%.  This could impact his ranking.

Crowning a Champion

The tour season ends in November – all rankings are finalized for that year.  The eight highest ranking players are invited to an exclusive three-round event in December – The Pacific Northwest Faux Tour Championship. 

The Championship is a one-day three-round Gaining Grounds event.  It is single elimination and players are paired bracket style.  The final winner is crowned Pacific Northwest Champion for that year.

In the event there is a tie for the 8th highest ranking at the end of November, the cumulative tournament differential of the players will be used to break the tie.

If a player is unable to make the championship, the next highest ranked player will be invited to the event.