Season 1 on Hold

Ray Flynn and I have spent the last few weeks deciding how to handle the current situation with M2E and M3E.  We are over a month into Season 1 and a few things are true:

  1. We are seeing a sharp decline in tournament activity across the country versus last year
  2. We want the first season and the first Masters event to be a success
  3. Our commitment to USFT and a US Masters is as strong now as it has ever been


We’ve decided to put Season 1 on hold.  We will announce the first Season of US Faux Tour within days of Wyrd announcing the release of M3E to the general public.  Once all M3E Beta testing is over (including any Open Beta that may come) and we know when M3E will go full release, we will announce the timing for Season 1.

This means the first season will roll out alongside the release of M3E.  This is very exciting.  In the meantime you can look forward to more content on in the form of videos and articles (look for some new podcasts and vlogs to make their way in November!).

The support we saw in the Beta was amazing.  We are confident the first season, with this delay, will be the success we hoped for.  Stay tuned!

We won’t be scoring any tournaments between now and the start of Season 1.  Please continue to register as a player here so you’ll be ready for Season 1.

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