Stop Forgetting This Model!

“Mighty Model Spotlight, Part 1”
by James Dator and Ray Flynn

The 7ss slot in Rezzers has gotten competitive: Goryo, Lampad, Shikome, Student of Viscera, Sebastian… Lots of good choices for a variety of situations.

But only one gets you another model upon death, increases threat ranges, increases damage dealing, and can just warp around the board every turn with wild abandon: Enter the Forgotten Marshall.

This guy is 7ss of versatile awesome. He is one of, if not the, best 7ss model in the faction and one of the more underrated models in the game. Let’s ignore the fact that he summons a 4-5ss minion upon death, his other stats and abilities are stellar; causing massive headaches for your opponent.

Utility for Days

Both of his zeros require non-suited 5s so they aren’t resource intensive. I wish he had instinctual; they are insanely good. One lets you increase the charge of undead and spirit by 2” (within 4” of him). Let’s put some numbers on the paper here:

Archie/Izamu/Shikome/Lampad/Punk Zombie/Students/etc – 8” charge
Kentauroi/Dead Rider – 12” charge (!!!)
Goryo – 9” charge

This is not insubstantial. Most of those models have a 2” reach, and being able to threaten 10-11” on a charge is a sweet spot that most of the faction just doesn’t have without him.

His second 0 action lets him bury then unbury at the start of the following turn in base to base with any of your friendly models. The sheer amount of repositioning shenanigans this allows is insane. And is mitigated only by his wk4. But that’s why you have other faster models… to get him where he wants to go.

This shores up one of the Rezzers weaknesses: our scheme runners can be a bit easy to take out but are so fast it’s hard to protect them when an enemy breaks away to engage. Enter the Forgotten Marshall who can warp in next to it to do some dirty. This level of repositioning can be used to great effect in GG18, allowing you to hurl a model up a flank, and have the Marshall pop in to protect or support it.

Also, being an enforcer, you can give him an upgrade which opens up some fun things. Who doesn’t like MLH to get double 0 actions (+4” charge anyone?).


Did Somebody Say Murder?

As a combat piece, the Forgotten Marshall is no slouch. He’s a 6 on both his melee and ranged. With Crit Strike and a solid damage track, his gun does work, top ending at 5 damage on the severe, 6 with crit strike. This is significant. There isn’t a lot of solid ranged Sh actions in Rezzers, so the fact that he brings a one to the table is awesome. Nonetheless, his melee attack is filled with wonderous promise and is the reason to be charging in.

While With My Own Hands feels weak at 2/2/4, it’s not. There’s some sizeable bonuses. Least of all, you don’t care about flips really, because you aren’t hunting for spikes, so you just want to hit. The real money happens by applying his signature condition Slowly Choking +1. The condition increases all damage received by +1. The caveat here is that you want to attack models that have already activated, as “Slowly Choking” goes away when they activate next.

This has some amazing interactions as it doesn’t say from an action. Burning deals +1, Poison deals +1 (which he conveniently has on his other trigger), blasts… the list goes on. What it does is it makes his charge deceptively damaging. Because you hit for 2, give Slowly Choking, then hit for 3 and give it again. Or you can infect and deal 3 damage and the enemy will take 2 again at the end of the turn. 5 damage is nothing to sneeze at and depending on what’s around, the Slowly Choking +2 is game changing. The best part is that if you charge in and put the condition on, he can then bury to free up the target for ranged attacks, avoid retaliation or clear a charge lane. Imagine your belle luring said hapless model in to pounce at min3! Let’s face it, if a model has Slowly Choking +2 there really is no reason it should live past the turn.

Defensively, he’s sitting at 5/6 with 7wds and Hard to Wound +1. Nothing to write home about, but it does mean on average he’s going to take 3+ AP to remove. His biggest defensive tech is his ability to bury after he’s done his activation and not be on the table until end of turn.


What’s In the Box!

Let’s not forget that when he does finally die… he gives you something for your troubles. Let me do a brief hit, because Forgot That Was In There is really cool. First of all, it summons based off suit. Black Joker = no summon, Red Joker = Viscera. Now Viscera is basically a point for point replacement, so that’s fantastic. Not necessarily ideal for the Red Joker but not bad either. If you flip the Black Joker you dust your hands and thank the Marshall for removing it from your deck.

The other four models are Autopsy, Crooligan, Necropunk and Gaki.  None of which are necessarily stellar, but situationally good. Crooligan and Necropunk have the potential to be the most intriguing, but it depends on when he dies. Not being able to interact due to being summoned kind of restricts their usefulness, but worst case they’re an activation speed bump. Gaki and Autopsies are the same, mostly just a waste of some AP from your opponent.

Though a thing to note, in Ply and Public this can be a liability, so be careful where you’re going. Nothing is gonna suck more than for your opponent to have enough activations to kill whatever was summoned or to Ply it and you suddenly are losing the VP that round.

With wonderful utility, good abilities and solid stats, this model is a fantastic pick for your 7ss slot. So don’t forget to take him, you won’t be disappointed.

What do you all think? Do you agree? Disagree? Why? Comment here or on our Facebook page!

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3 thoughts on “Stop Forgetting This Model!

  1. I really think, on paper, the Marshall is cool. Just cant seem to find space for him in lists. What masters/lists do you think he could be a good addition to (and what is he replacing)?
    For example Kirai and Nicodem just dont have the room in their crews, imo.

  2. Why would you want to use both (0) actions? You don’t still get the (4) if you are buried do you? Secondly
    “His second 0 action lets him bury then unbury at the end of the turn”
    no. He comes in at the start of the next turn. This matters because you can’t just cheese ours or another strat.
    for 7 SS he doesn’t seem very good at all. Slowly Choking seems pretty good, don’t get me wrong but for 7? No thanks. What master would you even suggest take this model? There’s zero reason to take him in Tara, Reva or McMorning. Yan Lo and seamus don’t have a spot for him. So is he just a 7ss +2 charge range for kirai, molly or nico spam?

    1. You wouldn’t… but getting +4″ to charges while drawing a card and being untargetable beyond 3″ are all great. Remember MLH can do the same 0 twice.

      An unfortunate typo! I didn’t call out any tactics to the contrary, simply mistyped. My apologies and am fixing!

      The article is literally answering the question of why do you take him.

      Kirai, Molly and Nico are definitely good options.

      Tara likes Choke Out the Life, and it’s not unreasonable at all to get 2 applications, making Tara’s attacks way more potent, especially seeing as she will get a second activation at end of turn. Because he can bury, that frees up possible ranged shenanigans, and Tara’s peacebringer becomes a lot more interesting at min4 (not to mention her sword). Tara’s crew loves bury mechanics and void spam. Being able to warp to void wretch isn’t something to discount.

      Reva doesn’t care about engagement, so putting choke on a model suddenly makes her min4-5, which is great for chewing through armor or heavy models. And again, her crew spreads out without issue, so repositioning is once more, awesome.

      As I mentioned in the article choke applies to poison damage as well, so McMourning isn’t going to be a bad choice either. You have a lot of situational poison inflict, and him activating later in the turn to give choking 2, suddenly makes poison (which ignores armor and reduction) tick for 3, or 5 if sebastian is nearby, while also putting up 5 points of damage himself from the charge.

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