Table Report – Wave 5 Seamus

I gave Wave 5 Seamus a spin last night.  I faced Sandeep.  I lost 3-8 but was not focused on scoring as much as crew mechanics.  Here was the list I ran:

Crew Name: Seamus 50ss
Leader: Seamus – Cache:(3)
Sinister Reputation 1ss
Do You Know Who I Am? 1ss
Red Chapel Killer 1ss
Copycat Killer 3ss
Madame Sybelle 8ss
Not Too Banged Up 1ss
Yin the Penangalan 8ss
Unnerving Aura 1ss
Rogue Necromancy 10ss
Pack 1ss
Rotten Belle 5ss
Dead Doxy 6ss
Crooligan 4ss

The Rogue Necro was too squishy and too juicy of a Vendetta target (which was in the pool).  I want to try the Valedictorian or Asura in his place.  I also found wanting to do BOO as Seamus’ zero every turn which means I wasn’t leveraging Red Chapel Killer.  I want to put Unnerving Aura on him.  That upgrade was great on Yin and having a second one could be nasty.

Having the juiciest targets being Terrifying (ALL) along with the -2 WP from Seamus proved to put real pressure on my opponents hand.  I paralyzed 5+ models over the course of the game with Boo and other terrifying checks.  I want to see how adding Quarantine markers (via Asura) will help.

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