Malifaux: Stop Making Bad Strat/Scheme Pools!

Our good friend, and frequent guest, Owen Beste, gives you several practical tips for making better pools for your events or casual games. Introduction You are gearing up to run a Malifaux tournament; you have the venue, some players, terrain (or Vassal). All that is left – come up with missions. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Generate some random missions in the Malifaux App and … Continue reading Malifaux: Stop Making Bad Strat/Scheme Pools!

Site Update Information

What is going on, Floorheads? Ray here with some site update info! As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been undergoing site maintenance for a while. I’m sure you all have noticed the tables aren’t working either. This is because we’ve outgrown our current setup! What started out as a blog site now has commerce, database-ing, et cetera, and it’s time for us to … Continue reading Site Update Information