Malifaux 3e Growth League

Join Craig as he talks with henchmen and players in Georgia (Wyrd's back yard).  They coordinated a growth league and league-ending tournament.  Learn how they structured and ran the league for maximum participation and excitement.  We even learn some of the crews that brought one player to the podium. LISTEN HERE!

Malifaux Expert Round Table

A must-listen episode for anyone that plays Malifaux. Join Craig and his guests Jamie Varney, Steve Bynum and James Doxey as they talk about how to become a better player, where M3e is at the moment and even take questions from the listeners. You may have to listen twice to absorb all of the gold … Continue reading Malifaux Expert Round Table

NOVA Registration Surge

We just got word there was a recent surge in registrations for the Malifaux 3e Grand Tournament at NOVA. If you were considering signing up, I would not wait much longer. It is the first event for Season 1 of the United States Faux Tour. They are also doing two raffles for a free commission … Continue reading NOVA Registration Surge