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USFT Season 1 2019-20

Welcome to the start of the first United States Faux Tour! For general information, click here or to go right to your Conference page, click on the image links below. Henches, please reach out to us with local gaming store information at so that we can update those sections for anyone looking. Stay tuned for more information on player and tournament registration (for TOs)! … Continue reading USFT Season 1 2019-20

Time to Talk Mah Tucket

Join Craig as his guests (AJ Barr and Oliver Borden) explain how Bayou Mah Tucket and the Tricksy crew work in Malifaux 3rd Edition. They discuss how to run the crew successfully, what strats and schemes they excel in and even how to counter them. Listen on your favorite pod catcher (Tabletop Talk by Third Floor Wars) or here:—ep-67-ebnhpf Continue reading Time to Talk Mah Tucket

Malifaux Path to Podium: NC Grand Tournament

Join Craig as his guests (Cody Hiatt, Johnathan Pravlik and Brandon Lynch) explain how they did so well in the 2019 5-round Grand Tournament event held last November in North Carolina. They explain what crews the took, what they faced and the key decisions each match that brought them up the path to the podium. Join the other #Floorheads and listen here:—ep-65-ebeik1 Continue reading Malifaux Path to Podium: NC Grand Tournament