Time to Talk About Kaeris in Malifaux 3rd Edition

Join Craig as his guest, James Doxey, reveals his secrets on the Arcanist master Kaeris. How does he run her and the Wildfire crew? What pools are the best for them? How do you counter them? Listen here: https://anchor.fm/thirdfloorwars/episodes/Kaeris-Arcanists-Deep-Dive-with-James-Doxey---Episode-23-e44f8s

Insider Insight with Matt Carter from Wyrd Games

Normally we release episodes on Tuesday but we can't keep this away one day longer. Join Craig as he picks the brain of Matt Carter from the Wyrd Games Design team. Matt pulls back the curtain and reveals the team's thought process, decision making and goals behind Malifaux 3rd Edition! Listen HERE!

Time to Talk About Leveticus in Malifaux 3rd Edition

Join us as we breakdown Levi in 3rd Edition Malifaux by Wyrd games. We talk through his strengths, weaknesses and the key models he brings to the table. How does Amalgam crew perform? What are their strengths? Weaknesses?Support your favorite channel and get a great gadget bundle HERE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebHLnU48f44&feature=youtu.be

New Episode! Talking M3e and the UK Scene with James Doxey

This is a must-listen if you play (or play against) Arcanists.  Craig talks to James Doxey (of Arcane Reservoir fame) about his thoughts around Malifaux 3rd Edition.  They discuss the current and future state of the game in the UK.  James also walks us through how he took three different Arcanists Masters through his recent … Continue reading New Episode! Talking M3e and the UK Scene with James Doxey