Painting Black Cloth (Video Tutorial)

Learn how to paint black cloth that still looks black! We take you through the steps to get a cool black cloth highlighted and shaded to look realistic. This is part 5 in an ongoing series on painting the Dormador de Cadaveres by Wyrd Miniatures for Malifaux.

CLICK HERE for the video tutorial

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Box to Tabletop – Painting Caucasian Flesh

Painting visually-interesting flesh that still looks organic is a challenge.  Join me in the third part of my series on painting Wyrd’s Domador de Cadaveres model.  We paint a light skin tone and teach how we build up contrast and create smooth blends.

Watch the tutorial HERE!

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Paint Desk – Wyrdscape Graveyard 50mm base

I finally finished the base for Reva.  I used one of the Wyrdscape Graveyard bases by Wyrd Games.  Despite having a door that leads to nowhere, the base is well sculpted with excellent textures to play with.  I used a contrast of browns and greens to make it pop while bringing the palette together.Grave03

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