Paint Desk – Kentauroi #2

I am almost done with my second Kentauroi.  Left to do:

  • Finish the black hair and hooves
  • Add gore
  • Add grass to the base and moss to the stone

They are amazing on the table and wonderful sculpts.  I’m happy with the blends on the gravestone and with the horse flesh.  I’ll post the finished piece here and on AWP. Continue reading

Table Report – Crazy Cat Lady

Hey there fellow Wyrdos!

Tried out Catelin (Hamelin) last night and I have to stay it’s a bit more fun than I originally anticipated.  Now granted that could be because cats are far more fun than rats (personal opinion). I also am using the Victorian Bases from Wyrd to have my cats crawling around a ruin, which seems very fitting for me. Ran against my buddy Marcus and his guild Lucius. Did two games, to test out the lists.

Continue reading

Mountain Conference Announcement!

We are excited to work with Dane Mitchell to form a Mountain Conference for the 2018/19 USFT season!  The USFT Mountain Conference covers players and tournaments in Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Utah.

Please send us any 50ss GG tournament held between 1/1/18 and when the season starts in September.  We will track the rankings to give everyone a feel for scoring before the season starts.