Mountain Conference Announcement!

We are excited to work with Dane Mitchell to form a Mountain Conference for the 2018/19 USFT season!  The USFT Mountain Conference covers players and tournaments in Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Utah.

Please send us any 50ss GG tournament held between 1/1/18 and when the season starts in September.  We will track the rankings to give everyone a feel for scoring before the season starts.

Paint Desk – Carrion Emissary

This is my second Emissary (Brutal Emissary for Guild was the first).  Unlike the Brutal, this guy will get some table time.  I wanted his feathers to be black with a blue sheen versus just being blue.  I am not convinced I pulled it off.  What do you think?  Where do I need to do more work next time?  What do you like?  Please discuss in the comments.

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