Seamus and Crew Painted Showcase

Wyrd Games' miniatures have so much detail and character - share this with friends you are trying to convince to play!  A video showcase of the fully painted Red Chapel crew.  Detailed 360 views with some creepy music to set the mood.

Kentauroi Painted!

McMourning left the barn with the slightest of smirks. Only Sebastian knew the doctor well enough to recognize the joy and excitement felt by his mentor. "Back to the lab, Sebastian. I just bought us three horses that will be perfect for our next experiment." Kentauroi are now painted and ready to help the good … Continue reading Kentauroi Painted!

Rowan Nilsson (by Wyrd Games) is Painted!

Rowan Nilsson (by Wyrd Games) is painted and ready for a game of Malifaux! One of the better sculpts from Wyrd. The bottles were a challenge. HOT TIP - seal with matte spray then go back with Ardcoat by Games Workshop to give the glass a shiny finish.

Stop Forgetting This Model!

"Mighty Model Spotlight, Part 1" by James Dator and Ray Flynn The 7ss slot in Rezzers has gotten competitive: Goryo, Lampad, Shikome, Student of Viscera, Sebastian... Lots of good choices for a variety of situations. But only one gets you another model upon death, increases threat ranges, increases damage dealing, and can just warp around … Continue reading Stop Forgetting This Model!

Paint Desk – Kentauroi #2

I am almost done with my second Kentauroi.  Left to do: Finish the black hair and hooves Add gore Add grass to the base and moss to the stone They are amazing on the table and wonderful sculpts.  I'm happy with the blends on the gravestone and with the horse flesh.  I'll post the finished … Continue reading Paint Desk – Kentauroi #2