Paint Desk – Kentauroi #2

I am almost done with my second Kentauroi.  Left to do:

  • Finish the black hair and hooves
  • Add gore
  • Add grass to the base and moss to the stone

They are amazing on the table and wonderful sculpts.  I’m happy with the blends on the gravestone and with the horse flesh.  I’ll post the finished piece here and on AWP. Continue reading

Paint Desk – Carrion Emissary

This is my second Emissary (Brutal Emissary for Guild was the first).  Unlike the Brutal, this guy will get some table time.  I wanted his feathers to be black with a blue sheen versus just being blue.  I am not convinced I pulled it off.  What do you think?  Where do I need to do more work next time?  What do you like?  Please discuss in the comments.

DSC03582-1 Continue reading

Paint Desk – Shieldbearer

When this model reaches zero wounds it becomes a spirit.  When Wyrd released them separate from the crew box, I knew I had to represent both living and spirit with a model.

Originally I did their shield and sworn in non-metallic metal but was not happy with the result.  I decided old and rusty was the better (easier) choice.