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Tag: The Other Side

Abyssinia 0

The Other Side Terrain!

We are starting work on a single-commander board. Do we need more terrain for The Other Side? We are anxious for painting to finish so we can film a battle […]

Abyssinia 0

Mehal Safari Fireteam Painted

I finished my first fireteam for The Other Side by Wyrd! There are three of these total in a squad – six more models and two more bases to paint! […]

Abyssinia 0

Crow Runner finished!

My first The Other Side model is done. Now that I’ve settled on the scheme, the next eight should get painted faster. Now on to painting a Mehal Safari.

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Unboxing the Hordes

Check out our latest Unboxing Video where I get some close looks at the Commander Pledge for Gibbering Hordes from Wyrd Games’ Kickstarter for The Other Side.