Painting Muscled Flesh

This tutorial teaches a cartoon/fantasy style flesh technique. Craig uses just four paints to create a high-contrast flesh tone. The video features the Bane sculpts from Monolith Games' Batman Gotham City Chronicles board game. He uses flesh paints from AK Interactive along with Vallejo's Glaze medium. Support your favorite channel and get a great gadget … Continue reading Painting Muscled Flesh

Wyrd’s Through The Breach Hannah

I love this model. It is one of the rarest Malifaux models in the wild. This is my second commission to paint her. Below are detailed pics and the WIP shot along with the paints used. Enjoy! Normally I paint each section/color from base coat up through the highest detail. I was not sure my … Continue reading Wyrd’s Through The Breach Hannah

Box to Tabletop – Painting Caucasian Flesh

Painting visually-interesting flesh that still looks organic is a challenge.  Join me in the third part of my series on painting Wyrd's Domador de Cadaveres model.  We paint a light skin tone and teach how we build up contrast and create smooth blends. Watch the tutorial HERE!  

The Paint Desk – Painting Undead Skin (How To)

I've had many requests for work-in-progress pictures of my work.  This lovely Easter morning I started putting paint on the Student of Steel.  I typically thin my paints 1:1 paint to flow improver.  This gives a smoother finish but it does take two to three coats to cover.  It also makes blending easier.  On to … Continue reading The Paint Desk – Painting Undead Skin (How To)