Time to Talk Leveticus

Join Craig as his guests (Josh Antoline and Owen Beste) explain how Outcast Leveticus and the Amalgam crew work in Malifaux 3rd Edition. They discuss how to run the crew successfully, what strats and schemes they excel in and even how to counter them. Catch it on your favorite podcast platform or listen HERE!: https://anchor.fm/thirdfloorwars/episodes/Leveticus-Malifaux-Deep-Dive-with-Josh-Antoline-and-Owen-Beste—ep-63-eaqq3b Continue reading Time to Talk Leveticus

Malifaux Hot Topics – Podcaster Edition

Join Craig and his guests (Kyle Bode and Kevin Tschopik) discuss some hot topics floating around the Malifaux ecosystem. What do these podcasters think about M3e and its launch? Are there any models we think may need some attention? What keywords do we think need some love? What is our take on the Gaining Grounds season 0? Listen here: https://anchor.fm/thirdfloorwars/episodes/Malifaux-Hot-Topics-with-Kyle-and-Kevin—ep-56-e9utka Continue reading Malifaux Hot Topics – Podcaster Edition

Bonus Pod Episode! A Case Against Master Hiring in Malifaux

This is a bonus episode with a guest editorial.  Joshua MacAran, after hearing the recent Expert Round Table II episode, offers some unique insight on why master hiring is more complicated an issue than many realize.  He brings up arguments we’ve not heard yet in the discussion and it is worth listening to.  Enjoy! Listen HERE or on you favorite pod platform Continue reading Bonus Pod Episode! A Case Against Master Hiring in Malifaux

Malifaux Expert Round Table II

Join Craig as his guests, Cody Hiatt, Roman Hechenberger and Robert Singer discuss several hot topics in the Malifaux community along with several segments devoted to making you a better Malifaux player.  It is a meaty episode with a ton of great advice and discussions. I apologize in advance for some of the sound quality. There were challenges in the source files and I over-modulated … Continue reading Malifaux Expert Round Table II