Why You Should Play Marvel Crisis Protocol

Join Ray as his guests, Chris and Jesse (from Fury’s Finest), make the case that he (and you) need to be playing Marvel Crisis Protocol by Atomic Mass Games. They explain what makes the game unique and fun, where it shines and what makes it fun. From the pre-game to post-game decisions and the theme, they make a strong argument. Listen here: https://anchor.fm/thirdfloorwars/episodes/Why-Ray-and-you-Should-be-Playing-Marvel-Crisis-Protocol—ep-54-e9rie4 Continue reading Why You Should Play Marvel Crisis Protocol

Painting Muscled Flesh

This tutorial teaches a cartoon/fantasy style flesh technique. Craig uses just four paints to create a high-contrast flesh tone. The video features the Bane sculpts from Monolith Games’ Batman Gotham City Chronicles board game. He uses flesh paints from AK Interactive along with Vallejo’s Glaze medium. Support your favorite channel and get a great gadget bundle HERE! Continue reading Painting Muscled Flesh