Time to Talk Dashel Barker

Join Craig as his guests, Adam Talbot and Jesse Watson, dive into Dashel Barker and the Guard keyword. Discover their core crew and the models they flex into. Learn the keyword’s 2nd-level play and what counters them!

Catch this episode on your favorite podcasting platform or by clicking here: https://anchor.fm/thirdfloorwars/episodes/Malifaux-Dashel-Barker-Guild-Deep-Dive-with-Adam-and-Jesse—ep-74-edqui1

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2 thoughts on “Time to Talk Dashel Barker

  1. What confuses me about Dashel is, a lot of his crew wants you to drop enemy scheme markers, but his summon was changed to use friendly scheme markers. So what use do the Dispatcher and Drop it Triggers have now?

    1. His summons can use any markers. If he uses a friendly marker the TN goes up 2. It’s easier to summon off of enemy markers but he can summon off of friendly. Dispatcher can turn a friendly into an enemy making the summon easier off that marker. Drop it creates an enemy scheme marker – one that’s is easier to summon off of. Does that help?

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