Rowan Nilsson (by Wyrd Games) is Painted!

Rowan Nilsson (by Wyrd Games) is painted and ready for a game of Malifaux! One of the better sculpts from Wyrd. The bottles were a challenge. HOT TIP - seal with matte spray then go back with Ardcoat by Games Workshop to give the glass a shiny finish.

5 Reasons YOU Should be Playing THE OTHER SIDE

Ray breaks down the top 5 reasons you should be playing THE OTHER SIDE by Wyrd Games. Are you curious why people love playing this game? Do you need a video to share with friends who SHOULD be playing this game?

Wyrd’s Rogue Necromancy

I finished building and gap filling this model this morning. Below are pictures I wish I had when I was building and filling. I hope they help you. It is a great sculpt but there are several gaps. I recommend taking your time filling them - paint alone won't cover.