The Paint Desk – Painting Undead Skin (How To)

I've had many requests for work-in-progress pictures of my work.  This lovely Easter morning I started putting paint on the Student of Steel.  I typically thin my paints 1:1 paint to flow improver.  This gives a smoother finish but it does take two to three coats to cover.  It also makes blending easier.  On to … Continue reading The Paint Desk – Painting Undead Skin (How To)

Paint Desk – Kentauroi #2

I am almost done with my second Kentauroi.  Left to do: Finish the black hair and hooves Add gore Add grass to the base and moss to the stone They are amazing on the table and wonderful sculpts.  I'm happy with the blends on the gravestone and with the horse flesh.  I'll post the finished … Continue reading Paint Desk – Kentauroi #2