The Paint Desk – Painting Undead Skin (How To)

img_3744-1.jpgI’ve had many requests for work-in-progress pictures of my work.  This lovely Easter morning I started putting paint on the Student of Steel.  I typically thin my paints 1:1 paint to flow improver.  This gives a smoother finish but it does take two to three coats to cover.  It also makes blending easier.  On to the step-by-step…I used Scalecolor paints from their Fantasy Games line.  All of these colors are part of their wonderful “Unnatural Flesh” box set.

  • Bloodfest Crimson
  • Braineater Azure
  • Undead Flesh
  • Hellbound Flesh
  • Misfits Green

I primed it in a neutral gray primer and blocked out the metal pieces with black.  I hit the eyes and lights with white then a coat of Model Color’s Orange Flou.

Steel01I put a base coat of Misfits Green over all of the flesh areas. I thin my paints with equal parts paint and flow improver so the base coat naturally darkens in the recesses and tints the raised areas.  This makes highlighting easier later.Steel02

I then added (thinning each) Undead Flesh, Hellbound Flesh and Rotten White (Vallejo) to my wet palette.  Starting with Undead Flesh, I began highlighting.  I glazed the highest points with Hellbound.  The final highlights were done with a 1:1 mix of Hellbound and Rotten White.


Now I needed some more color to add depth and a touch of rotting and bruising skin.  I especially wanted color variation where flesh met metal.  I mixed (1:1) Braineater and Hellbound and thinned it to a glaze with glaze medium.  I focused this on the raised areas near the metal contacts.  Finally I gave a deeper color with a glaze of Bloodfest in select areas.  By starting with the Braineater/Hellbound then appying Bloodfest, the look kept its purple tone with a hint of red as needed.

Steel04Now I will start work on the Non-Metallic Metal for all of the metal areas.  Would you like to see step-by-step for that as well?  Let me know in the comments.  Please comment if you have any questions.  Most importantly – GET THOSE MODELS PAINTED!!

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