Third Floor Wars on Patreon

Creating quality weekly podcasts, videos, battle reports and tutorials is a labor of love for Ray and me (Craig). We’ve had dozens of people reach out to ask if we had a Patreon. We want to give our audience another way to help cover the costs of our productions. Our sponsors help and we don’t want to create a paywall.

We decided to open a Patreon and allow you to choose how much our work is worth a month. We will continue to create the free content and make it for all, but any support helps fuel the machine.

There is equipment we want to buy to help up our video and streaming game. That is where the money will go to start. We will keep you updated. We may do polls to decide future content and Patreon-only posts but we promise to keep all of our media content available for free on YouTube, the pod services and the web site.

If you want to help us – you rock. Check it out here.

If you know anyone who loves our content – share the link!

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