Site Update Information

What is going on, Floorheads? Ray here with some site update info! As some of you may have noticed, we’ve been undergoing site maintenance for a while. I’m sure you all have noticed the tables aren’t working either. This is because we’ve outgrown our current setup! What started out as a blog site now has commerce, database-ing, et cetera, and it’s time for us to … Continue reading Site Update Information

USFT Season 1 2019-20

Welcome to the start of the first United States Faux Tour! For general information, click here or to go right to your Conference page, click on the image links below. Henches, please reach out to us with local gaming store information at so that we can update those sections for anyone looking. Stay tuned for more information on player and tournament registration (for TOs)! … Continue reading USFT Season 1 2019-20