Youko HamasakiOur first look at a new master has hit; say hello to Youko Hamasaki of the Qi and Gong!

Youko was described as a master who could manipulate the enemy’s hand, generate pass tokens and gain soulstones. Her crew was teased as having heavy access to lures, and a new leverage mechanic that worked off your opponent’s revealed schemes. She was far and away the master I was most excited to see in M3E. And while her crew is still a mystery, the time for speculation on Youko has passed. Emerging from the shadows, she’s ready for her introduction to Malifaux. Continue reading

US Faux Tour – 2018-19 Season

USFT Logo V4Greetings everyone and welcome to the inaugural run of the United States Faux Tour, brought to you by!

Here you will find all you need to know about the USFT as well as current rankings and upcoming tournaments for your area.

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2018 – 2019 Player Registration Form

If you’re a local champion for your conference and are looking to register a tournament with us, please use the following form:

2018 – 2019 Tournament Registration Form

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Conference Links

USFT – Lonestar Conference

USFT – New England Conference

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USFT – Mountain Conference

USFT – Central Conference

USFT – West Coast Conference

USFT – Pacific Northwest Conference

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USFT – Carolinas Conference

Battleground Broadcast Ep. 1

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Battleground Broadcast!

A new series of episodes dedicated to tabletop miniature battle reports and live streams, Battleground Broadcast will feature pre-recorded, cut and edited games of your favorite miniature games, complete with a full graphics package representing all the relevant data.

Look for Battleground Broadcast LIVE! for our live-streamed games.

This first episode features the top two players of NC, Alex Schmid and Jimmy Molini in a an epic fauxdown featuring Somer and Ramos. Listen to their insights in our interviews done before, during and after the game and learn what it takes to win Battleground Broadcast!

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Mighty Model Spotlight – Monk of High River

With Yokai, Thunder Brothers and Charm Warders, the five-stone slot is hyper-competitive in Ten Thunders. The Monk of High River has stiff competition, but with a solid (0) action, some great model/master synergies and a couple of key abilities, the monk has plenty of play.

The Monk of High River (especially with certain masters) should always be considered. He is both a solid anti-scheming model and a cheap aggression piece. Continue reading