USFT Registration Links

Hey everybody, Ray here with some important information!

We are excited to announce that we now have registration forms for players and for Tournament Organizers to register their events! This will help facilitate and streamline our internal processes.

Please note that everyone will need to register as a player. While we have players with rankings currently, no one is “officially” registered, so we need to get everybody into that system.

Henchpersons, we humbly ask for you help with getting your local Metas registered. It really does only take a couple of minutes. Just need a name and conference.

You will need to have a valid e-mail address as the forms have submission replies that require that information. We tried the forms without them, but we ran into some issues, so here we are.

The link for the player registration form can be found here:


Here is the link for tournament registration:


We will also add these links to our “splash” pages for USFT.

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to seeing you all rocking some USFT leaderboards!

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