The Paint Desk – Shadow Emissary

Ray here.

You’d never know it, but Craig and I both paint, he’s just significantly better than I am!

Went with GW colors here, working with some Sotek Green into Temple Guard Blue as the base. Did some beast hide and ashanti bone for the flesh and claws. 

The teal and brown concepts were from my wife.

Shading and highlighting was done with a mixture of P3 paints, I prefer them for mixing over straight GW. Brought some necrotite green to the mix of blues to get the green to break up the scales.

Finished out the details with some P3 ember orange and sunburst yellow. Eyes was the red stone technical paint from GW.  I really like it for my non-humans in 10T.

Pretty pleased with the result, but still got a lot more practice to go!

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