USFT Season 1 Standings Updated!

All of the conferences and wild card standings are updated based on results sent through 11/3/2019. You can access them here.

Congrats to the Lonestar and Great Lakes conferences for being the first to reach 3 events and 20 unique conference players. They will have players invited to the Masters in 2020!

Carolinas needs another event and two more players. Capital City needs another event. Pacific Northwest needs another event and 3 more players. New England needs another event and 4 more players. Southeastern only needs another event.

Below are the current Wild Card (national) top 10! Remember the more events you play in and the better you do in those events determines where you stand in your conference and in the Wild Card. Check out our video on USFT below:

CarolinasCody Hiatt
SoutheasternJon Goulbourne
Capital CityStephen Bynum
Capital CityOliver Borden
CarolinasJesse Watson
Capital CityGeoff Mansker
CentralTravis Allen
CarolinasJohnathan Pravlik
LonestarTravis Rule
LonestarAndre Demings
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